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It is also possible to make a course · set menu tailored to your budget · request! Please do not hesitate to consult us.We also accept corporate / group / private rental sales.

<February is a celebration of the Spring Festival>

In China, which celebrates a festival in the lunar calendar, celebrate the New Year of the Lunar New Year as a "Spring Festival" grandly.In this period of China firecrackers ring, dragons and lions dancing to celebrate dancing, and it is full of crowds.

For Spring Festival, meal is Kuroge Wagyu beef dining.

  • · · · The manager of the store manager · · ·

    Kuroge Wagyu Beef Special Course "Chic" 8000 yen for one person Tax

    You can enjoy Kuroge Wagyu beef A-4 · A-5 rank.

    Wagyu salty tongue · Kuroge Wagyu beef special 4 kinds of platter assortment

    Salad that goes well with Japanese style grilled vegetables and grilled meat ·

    Kuroge Wagyu beef with special rib-roasted shabu-shabu and egg with sagger

    Kuroge Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Grilled Sushi

    Homemade dessert of the day

    The highest grade superior course "Polar" 12000 yen tax also available separately .

  • · · · Kuroge Wagyu beef · Sukiyaki · Shabu-shabu · · ·

    Classic hot pot dishes of cold season

    Kuroge Wagyu beef with special sukiyaki sukiyaki serving only for 4,200 yen tax

    Kuroge Wagyu cow specialty Ribloth's shabu-shab 1 person 5700 yen tax

    Kuroge Wagyu beef shabu-shab shabu-shab one person 4,700 yen tax

    Kuroge Wagyu with special sweetness, umami and fragrance

    Please enjoy with shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki.

  • Recommend to the troubling secretary!

    【90-minute drinking all right You can enjoy your meat as much as you want! Shabu-shabu or sukiyaki or baked shabu can be chosen! All-you-can-eat Australian black cattle. The best banquet course, you can eat grilled sliced ​​meat and rice with all you can eat! Enjoy with a variety of foods, with even more drinks on hand! From appetizer to dessert, pan also, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki · grill You can choose your favorite from Shabu.

    ㊟ All you can eat is cash only.

  • Kuroge Wagyu beef dining with luxurious space in the hotel, we offer fine wines and sparkling to match the fine meat.Please celebrate to those who are important, please use our store on anniversary.A slow store
  • Kobe beef is also available at the time of reservation
  • Kuroge Wagyu beef with special rib rib Shabu shabu There.